#WEcoach Girls' Futsal Tournament

Here are some photos from last weekend’s #WEcoach Girls' Futsal Tournament organised by The WeUnited Project.

This tournament was the end result of the ‘Mahila Coaching Initiative’ which saw 6 young women (all players themselves`) successfully complete a 3 day coaching workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. Over a period of 5 weeks they dedicated their time and expertise as coaches to provide opportunities for young girls to get involved with and play. They coached their respective teams with intensity and passion.

Festival of Indra Jatra. Kathmandu, Nepal.

Indra Jatra is the biggest festival to take place within Kathmandu Valley. It is held in honour of the Hindu God Indra, King of the highest heaven. He is usually depicted as a man with four arms, riding a white elephant . Indra Jatra also marks the beginning of the month-long festival season of autumn. The festival begins with the erection of a wooden pole made of pine at Basantapur Square in front of the old Hanuman Dhaka Palace.