The Kung Fu Nuns.

Nepal. March 2018.

The Kung Fu Nuns of Nepal are a group of nuns of the of the Drukpa lineage. This lineage is a thousand year old Buddhist tradition that began in the Himalayas when the founder, The Gyalwang Drukpa, witnessed the miraculous flight of nine dragons into the sky. The Kung Fu Nuns believe they can return to their true spiritual roots by championing gender equality, physical fitness, environmentally friendly ways of living, and respect for all living beings. They began practising Kung Fu for self-defence and to build up inner and outer strength. This has helped them with attaining focus while meditating, staying strong, and working hard for others. 

 This year on the 8thof March, International Women’s Day, I got the opportunity to photograph this extraordinary group of women at Druk Amitabha Mountain Nunnery (their base in Kathmandu). 

 This was part of an event organised by The We United Project and Lie to Love International that included a panel discussion as well as self-defense training lead by the Nuns themselves. 

 The project portrayed both organisation’s effort to #PressForProgress by building self confidence, challenging gender stereotypes and providing safe places for women’s empowerment initiatives.